A Loath Story Written by Jamie Hall

Release Date: February 12, 2012

Page Count: 156 Hard Cover

Genre: Romance, Comedy

There is nothing particularly remarkable about Jason Mytez on the outside. He manscapes from head to toe, religiously applies anti-aging creams, and hits the gym three times a week. Jason is a good man with two simple goals—love and money—and one challenging mission: to understand women.

Jason's road to finding Ms. Right has already been a little bumpy to say the least. Unfortunately for Jason, lately he always seems to attract three of the seven types of deadly women: promiscuous, crazy, and angelic.


While trying to find the girl of his dreams, Jason finds himself in one twisted dating disaster after another. Beginning with an embarrassing first experience that unfortunately reveals a rather obvious allergy to Latex, Jason embarks on a unique dating journey with a variety of women that soon reveal their good girl traits, worldly experience, and wanton ways. After encounters with jealous ex-boyfriends and overly aggressive women, Jason is soon nursing a bruised body and ego, wondering why he keeps making the same mistakes over and over again.

Only time will tell if the seven types of deadly women will push Jason past his breaking point or help lead him to the two things he has always wanted more than anything-love and money.

"7 Deadly Women is a book born out of situations in dating," says Hall, writer of 7 Deadly Women. "They're not necessarily my situations, but they're all based on some story from someone. When someone tells a crazy love story you often leave wondering, I wonder what would have happened had they just done X—that's what this book is about ... zagging when the original person zigged."

"The book even created a political fury at one point, when excerpts from different stages or writing 7 Deadly Women became a subject of controversy. Boy, was that fun trying to explain fiction and reality to people."





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